1951 - 2005

Collection of family photographs that were taken of the Herring, Carrington, and Wilks families. These are the journal of my life growing up and my family, the pictures of my childhood. If you are on dialup, this might take a while to load. Click on the small picture to see the full sized one.

The Herring family in 1966

This is my grandmother (my mother's mother), Mary Leona Wilks Carrington holding me. We called her Mamaw
We lived in Robinson Illinois, my family was originally from Fulton Missouri.

I was a pretty funny looking baby... :-)
My brother, John and me... I was about one month old here.

The "official" pictures of my brother and me.

My mother, Iris Nadine Carrington Herring, and me.

My 3rd birthday, I seem to have the whole cake!
My father, David Wilson Herring, his mother, Jo Carter Herring, my brother and me. We called her Granny Jo.

John and me dressed up for Easter.

Trip to Fulton Mo. to visit the relatives. Standing in the front yard of the Carrington house, that's our 51 Pontiac in the background.
John and Mamaw and me, and me and mom. This was at the old Bluff street house.
Uncle Rex (my mother's brother) and me.

Mom, Dad, John and me :-)

Uncle Rex

Uncle Rex with Grandad's 56 Chevy
Uncle Rex graduation from High School, Fulton Mo.

Rex and his father, my grandad (Carson (Jack) Dillard Carrington

   Mary Ann, my mother, John and me. I don't know who the girl is. I believe this was taken at the wedding of my grandad and Tina. Mary Ann is Tina's daughter.

Grandad in front of his new house on Reed Street in Fulton.

Grandad and Tina smiling :-)
At the Wilks family reunion, at Leo Wilks farm near Auxvasse, Mo. - Mary Ann, Rex, Tina and Grandad

Granny Jo Herring at her house on Court Street in Fulton

At the Wilks family reunion, at Leo Wilks farm near Auxvasse, Mo. - mom, Rex, Dad, me, Tina, Grandad. The side of this picture faded away.... Next picture, same thing from a different angle.

    John and me at home in front of the house in Robinson.
At the Wilks family reunion, Aunt Bessie (Elizabeth Overton Wilks Owens) and Homer Owens, I don't know the other lady

Me and Lisa, Uncle Rex and Aunt Happy's daughter..

    Me and John at the oldest wooden schoolhouse in St. Augustine Florida. We were visiting Grover and Rose Herring in Melbourne Florida. Grover was my father's Uncle.
    At the Wilks family reunion, me, John, Mom and Dad, and Diane, a friend of mine from Robinson who came with us to Missouri.

    This is my favorite picture of my Grandad.

Mary Ann, Tina, and Grandad

Christmas, Tina, Jerry Rinnert, Mary Ann Rinnert, John, and Dad
    Band Uniforms... John's high school one looked fine, my junior high looked.. well... it was a band uniform....

Mom and Dad, I believe these pictures and the family one below were taken at church when they were doing a thing to get pictures of all the families who belonged to our church.
John's senior picture. He graduated from Robinson High School in 1966.

    Aunt Bessie and Uncle Homer's 50th wedding anniversary.
At the Wilks family reunion, Uncle Rex, Lisa, and dad

Susan Wilks Cohen and her dad, Ira Day (Judge) Wilks

Article about John in the newspaper

Me, at home
Dad and me, Mom and me... I don't know exactly when during the year this was taken, but I know it wasn't Christmas. Uncle Rex and family were visiting.
Another picture same time as the above ones, Rex and Lisa in this one.

Dad in the kitchen in May 68

    Me, high school senior picture

Still a work in progress - March 23, 2005

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